"Setting the tone for the EP, "TIMEPIECE" constructs an immersive and spacey soundscape immediately. With its heavenly pads and deep, melancholic bass lines underpinning rumbling kick drums, the track offers a languorous listen with its gloomy vibes. Following up, "GIVEIN" has you lost in its air of deep emotion. Packed with glacial piano lines and buzzing pan flute, it swirls and whooshes, bringing out a classic feel with a futuristic twist. APOLLO wraps up the EP with acid-splashed, after hour jam "WINGS." He touches the fluidly psychedelic and surreal all at once with echoey pads, soothing vocal chops, and steely percussions."

"Dipping into the territory of electropop-focused Flume, neo-soul outfit the Internet, and local producer Pomo, Apollo has opened up a new avenue for Jasper—one that, given the relevance of his new sound, will carry him far."

"As the album progresses, you start hearing fuller verses in some tracks, including features in ‘Forever’ and ‘Disco Paradise’. The latter stands out as the perfect “space-indie-nu-disco” tune, and is most likely the hottest sound in neighbouring galaxies. The prominent bass and space synths flow together so nicely, that you can’t help but feel an extra bit of twinkle in your step as you dance the night (or entire day) away.."