I am Apollo 

I believe in myself

I make my own universe

I heal the world with song

I embody the power and soul

I make music of its own genre

I play shows around the world

I breathe, I relax, I feel my body

I share with my fans what I stand for

I spread the words of peace and love

I make music for the gods, as we all are

I collaborate with new and inspiring people

I follow my own path to happiness and success​

I honor great music and I honor great musicians

I use vulnerability as the foundation of my success

I have a strong voice that is heard around the world​

I release surreal music that can be appreciated by all

I believe that love is all, it surrounds us and empowers us

I am beautiful, attractive to all, as they are all beautiful too

I spread happiness and help others however and whenever I can

I receive energy and inspiration from the success of others around me

I have a live show that is an entertaining, healing and magical experience

I know that the singular heart of my soul is that of everything in the universe

I surround myself with people who accept every part of me as I accept them

I am a proponent of health, self-empowerment, and conscious enlightenment 

I design my musical direction and aesthetic around the archetype and legend

I sustain and support myself and others with music and art  for as long as I live

I believe that people who have real passion can change the world for the better

I create visuals that open minds and hearts, art that looks the way my music sounds

I have my own custom made instruments that allow me to perform as if I were doing magic

I learn from the entertainers I love, I improve and combine their techniques, making them my own

I do not allow anything or anyone to make me think or act differently than what is authentically me

I have organized everything within my project to fit perfectly, clearly and logically in a surreal/otherworldly way

I constantly improve the lives of my friends, family and everyone in the world, in return, I find love, happiness, and success 

I have an all-white studio built to my perfection, with customized unique instruments in a beautifully lit room in my ideal paradise 

I have visuals for a live show which are from the land of the gods, designed by my favorite graphic/visual designers in the world

I eat raw and whole foods at midday and at sundown, regularly fast, meditate, exercise and grow healthier and the stronger every day
I consistently employ my friends, showcasing all of their incredible talents to the world, trying to push them higher than they might ever imagine

I am my own personal stylist designing custom - signature garments, shoes, and accessories for myself - a youthful, confident and magical Apollo